Over 900 artistes urge people to vote for BJP



NEW DELHI: More than 900 artistes, including Pandit Jasraj, Vivek Oberoi and Rita Ganguli on Wednesday issued a statement asking people to vote for the BJP and said the country needs a "Majboot Sarkar" not a "Majboor Sarkar".

新德里:周三,包括潘迪特·贾斯拉吉、维维克·奥贝罗伊和丽塔·冈古里在内的900多名印度艺人发表声明,呼吁人们投票给人民党,称印度需要的是“Majboot Sarkar”而不是“Majboor Sarkar”。

The artistes appealed to the people to cast their vote without any pressure and prejudice.


"It is our firm conviction that the continuance of government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the need of the hour. Besides, when challenges like terrorism are before all of us, we need a 'Majboot Sarkar' not a 'Majboor Sarkar' and hence we need the present government to continue," it said.


Among those who have issued the joint statement are Shankar Mahadevan, Triloki Nath Mishra, Koena Mitra, Anuradha Paudwal and Hans Raj Hans.

发表联合声明的有Shankar Mahadevan等艺人

The joint statement said that during the last five years, India has seen a government which delivered "corruption-free good governance and development oriented administration".


The joint statement comes a week after more than 600 theatre personalities, including Amol Palekar, Naseeruddin Shah, Girish Karnad and Usha Ganguli, had signed a letter asking people to "vote BJP and its allies" out of power, arguing that the idea of India and its Constitution are under threat.

一周前,包括Amol Palekar、Naseeruddin Shah、Girish Karnad和Usha Ganguli在内的600多位名人签署了一封联名信,要求人们“不要投票给印度人民党及其盟友”,称印度及其宪法的理念正受到威胁。

The letter, which was issued on Thursday evening in 12 languages on the Artist Unite India website, said the upcoming Lok Sabha elections are the "most critical in the history" of the country.



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Consultortho - 1 day ago -Follow

finally someone in the film industry stands up



Think About - USA - 1 day ago -Follow

modi is the only option for India! Jai Modi! Jai Hind!



Vasudhasrikanth - 1 day ago -Follow

Those who said do not vote for BJP started the process of polarising the voters. Now they get the taste of their own medicine.



Paarth - 1 day ago -Follow

These are the true stars.



Gaurav - India - 1 day ago -Follow

No party is even half as good as BJP. BJP is guided by selfless man who's vision is for New India. Please stand with him to build the nation. Namo again



Straight Bat - 1 day ago -Follow

A welcome move by these nationalistic and patriotic artistes !! Jai Hind !



Lachhman Bhatia - Dekhu - 1 day ago -Follow

All those who have the good of the country at heart and want India to remain

a united country would naturally want NDA under Modi to come to power again

so that there may be a strong govt at the Centre. It is sham artistes, most of them

commies, who do not want this.

所有把国家利益放在心上并希望印度保持统一的人,自然希望莫迪再度上台, 这才能保证有一个强大的中央政府。这是那些伪艺术家不希望看到的


Think About - USA - 1 day ago -Follow

Throw khans and shahs out of country



Ramachandran Chidambaram - Location - 1 day ago -Follow

I salute all the 900 artistes..



Souvik - 1 day ago -Follow

Modiji is the only solution to India's problems. Long live Modiji.



Ananta Charan Rout - 1 day ago -Follow

Jai Narendra Modi.



uday sharma - 1 day ago -Follow

Modiji is only saviour. Vote for modiji overwhelming



AROP - 1 day ago -Follow

Good, well done artists came forward in support of Modi, we need strong government, not weak one.  Vote Modiji, India needs him.



Karthik Subramanian - Singapore, Singapore - 1 day ago -Follow

People who are not from BJP or political background started standing up and supporting for Modiji...#Namoagain



Sushil - 1 day ago -Follow

Jaise ko taisa. Befitting reply to pseudo artists.



Anand Rajagopalan - 1 day ago -Follow

My Humble request to all Indians whether Hindus,Muslims,Christians,Sikhs,Parsis to come together and vote for Mr.Modi.Only BJP can give India a strong governance which can deter our enemies across the border.



Puneet - 1 day ago -Follow

I will definately vote for modi sir



Ajay Singh - 1 day ago -Follow

Good response to the anti nationals



Anil - 1 day ago -Follow

Thank you guys.... Really proud of u....



Nationalist - 1 day ago -Follow

Proud of these nationalist artists ! Unconditionally Namo !



Vidyanand Shetty - pune - 1 day ago -Follow

so now 600 against 800.. i will listen to any of these artists anyway.. i will vote for NAMO



Vicky - 1 day ago -Follow

Only Modi nobody else has the dum



chandra bhuyan - 1 day ago -Follow

It''s the time for the Nation to re-elect the Visionary Leadership as Modi-BJP Govt. in Centre.



Pkaggrawal - Delhi - 1 day ago -Follow

BJP is the only party who are patriot and would work for the interest of country without greed and self interest of money unlike their counterpart Congress. All TRUE Indians must vote and support BJP for bright future of India.



Vande - 1 day ago -Follow

I am not a BJP supporter. 1st time I vote BJP in 2014 and I will vote BJP till Modi is in the race of PM



Amar - 1 day ago -Follow

nehle pe dehla. more artist of substance want modi back except the stooges of fake Gandhi



shilpesh manjrekar - 1 day ago -Follow

All those who support PM Modi , should ensure they cast their Vote in his favor, only supporting on Social media will not help.Welcome such moves by such personalities.



Godfather Senior - Mumbai - 1 day ago -Follow

Well done, the ratio is now 600:900 ! So, NaMo again in the saddle !!

干得好,现在是600:900 !莫迪胜利在望!!


Vivek - Pune - 1 day ago -Follow

i also vote to BJP,

i dont love BJP but modi in BJP makes me to vote him.

he is great leader of our india.

if we loose him then shame on people of india.

i respect him most







Devashish Nikte - Lagos, - 1 day ago -Follow

yipee.....this proves that modi is the true hero of india....pappu politics has been rejected....Jai Ho



Sharmila Shah - 1 day ago -Follow

Vote for BJP



Nation - Others - 1 day ago -Follow

Yes. Modi will be the Prime Minster of India 2019.



Yash - 1 day ago -Follow

I will surely vote for NDA after artist coming out against modi


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