What country is stronger, Brazil or China?



Paul Yang, Programmer, Guitarist, Cook

Times of win of FIFA World Cup: China: 0 vs Brazil: 5

Times of qualified for final stage of FIFA World Cup: China: 1 vs Brazil: 21

So from this scale, Brazil is extremely stronger than China





Quora User

No doubt, Brazil !



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Depends on what field. To table tennis, definitely China; To football, I mean soccer, absolutely Brazil; To delicious food, rival to each other.

P.S. I guess maybe questioner is asking which is more powerful in military forces. In brief, China has nuclear weapons and ICBM. Therefore, the answer is clear.




Sandro Noda, Licenciate History & Astronomy, Universidade Cruzeiro Do Sul (2018)

China may be stronger at certain points, but Brazil is a much more civilized, pleasant, and reliable country.



Louis Gudin

I’m sure China is so much stronger.



Yu Frank, studied at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


They have a much better soccer team




Guilherme Duarte, born and raised in Brazil

Probably China. The Chinese are richer; they certainly are much better equipped than the Brazilian forces are.



Austin GE, lives in Hangzhou

@Leo Carmo I don’t agree with him. You want see the Chinese Woman ?

Here you are :

@Leo Carmo我不同意他的观点。你想看看中国女人是什么样的么?



Are you scared ? Hahahaha……



Ricky Zhang, lives in China


People in China started to play football almost 1000 years ago, it might take us another 1000 years to win 5 World Cup titles






Alejandro Peralta, studied at Brazil

Brazil is stronger if you begin to talk about these:





Outside these things, I doubt if there are anything Brazil is stronger than China. Can you name anything Brazil better than China outside these?



David Pfeiffer, lives in London

China by a huge margin.

China’s economy is twice the size of Brazil’s and is growing.  Finally, China spends approximately 10 times as much as Brazil on military.

However, Brazil can kick China’s ass in football and that probably will be the case for the next century.

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Marty Sinclair, Helicopter pilot

When it comes to F1 drivers or soccer players, then Brazil is ahead, I will admit. When it comes to finances, and economy, there is no comparison. China is light years ahead. For military might, China wins again



Leo Carmo, Lawyer (2014-present)

Brazil, for sure. Look at what he have:




Those are just examples of Brazilian women. Thing is, I can’t find any chinese counterparts.

Apart from that… I believe China is still ahead.




Thomas Grande, Programmer

At a second glance, here’s my take on the compare (David Pfeiffer):

Being from Brazil I can say you have a very shallow, preconceived and poor knowledge of my country to be able to make a fair comparison. I mean, you just spat out the trivial, the preconceived ideas, which are kind of misconceptions, to be honest. Though China has a bigger GDP, their per capita income is horrible, not to mention the air pollution. Their economy harms the environment, they rely a lot on coal, and though the country has clout, it has a lot of citizens living in harsher poverty than the worst parts of Brazil.

Also, perhaps we should not be pitting one country against the others, as they’re big trade partners.





Jardel Lucca, studied Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering at Federal Technological I believe Brazil is a stronger country in a general way. However this may change in the medium to long term.

I'm Brazilian and I lived in NZ for a few years. While living there, I made some good Chinese friends and we talked a lot about our countries comparing them to NZ.

So China and Brazil share a lot of problems. Both are developing economies with huge wealth inequality.

China’s industry has grown more than Brazilian industry, but in expense of environmental health. Environmental laws in Brazil are very strict and work very well. So it's been more sustainable so far.

China has been investing way more in education in the last years than Brazil. This is a major point to China and probably will be a game changer in the future, if nothing else changes.

In absolute terms, you will of course see China having more military arsenal, GDP and all the big numbers. But to make a fair comparison, you have to take population into account. And the denominator is big for China. For instance, China’s HDI in 2016 was 0.738, whereas last available (2014) Brazil’s HDI was 0.76.








Luana Brandão Takahashi, Programmer and Web Designer at Trinity Ltd. (2014-present)

If you’re speaking militarily, for all purposes China is insanely stronger than Brazil.

Well, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but China is surely stronger than Brazil as far as the military is concerned. They also spend a lot more annually on their military sector than Brazil.

I’ve lived in China for 2 years and then moved back to Brazil. In general, I don’t see how the Brazilians could come close to China any time soon.

The Chinese, despite everything people say about them, are working for the greater good. Most of people China are working with the same thing in mind: make their country better everyday.

Unfortunately, in Brazil we have a very fragile government and politics. Everything in Brazil is on the verge of blowing up if we are not careful, and a lot of Brazilians are more inclined to protect their personal interests than actually doing anything for the country itself.

Unless the Brazilians change their modus operandi I don’t think we can get at least on a equal foot to China.

The saddest part with that all for me is the fact the people of Brazil are one of the most hard-working and smart people I’ve ever met, despite the bad things we face everyday.

We could be as great as any nation if we are able to solve our own issues first










Enrique Silva, studied Law at Federal University of Pelotas

Definitely China. 

Our economy is terrible because the leftist government decided to give people money in exchange for their votes, instead of providing good education. As a result we have ignorant people that cant find a job and have a good income, remember the lack of order? well, girls get pregnant at young ages and destroy their futures and some guys hae neither money nor morals so they end up in crime.

Brazil is essentially doomed.





Artur Varejao, Specialist. Traveled, Worked and Lived

The answer for this question is quite obvious. It's the same as China or Japan, China or France, China or USA in few years.... Of course China. They are already the biggest economy in the world, 3rd largest terrytory, biggest population. From the 80s on this would not be even comparable. It's the same as asking which is powerful, Russia or Ukraine? Note that very soon India will go the same way. Both have found their role in the world. China before... They moved the global labor distribution and turned into the biggest manufacturer in the world. While developed countries were aiming their economy to innovation and services, which adds more value and wealth employing less, Chinese focused on the massive manufacturing, becoming the industrial park of the world. China is a galaxy, their internal and external market still has much to develop and diversify.

We share the same misery in different ways, still poverty, corruption, social difference and disorder.... From the cultural revolution China have found a way to develop the economy massively, to control the demands of the population and direct their energy forward the manufacturing economy. Its not the Brazilian DNA... Xiaoping specially led the way for china into the global market, liberal for the market, closed for the society. He was successful in finding their market and start emerging their medium class... This was the start for the boom.

Brazil also has its merits, but will play a different role in the world. I want them to be stronger and keep buying our soy, steel, iron, all the commodities as it's important for us bringing external currency.





Tiago Sobreira, B.A. International Relations & Market Research, University of Brasília (2008)

That is not a simple question to be plainly answered because there are different criteria to compare or balance what you call “strength”: some aspects of strength can be quantified in numbers or figures, but others, due to the qualitative content and not measurable/intangible aspects, should be compared differently.

Many would define Brazil and China as “emerging powers”. But let’s look further.

In the contemporary scenario it is controversial, and you must define power (strength) in terms of international relations.

There are several "thematic universes" where strength can be “measured”, so to speak. For example: an action by a specific international actor might have a greater impact on the “environment issues” or “security issues” if compared to the same action by another actor

There different attributes of power/strength, ranging from military capacity to the power of ideological influence, possession or not of crucial energy resources, the power/strength of political bargaining, economic growth, etc.






Victor Han, lived in China

The answer is obvious. China is stronger at most of the areas.

Population: 1.3 billion Vs 0.2 billion

GDP: 11 trillion Vs 1.8 trillion

Politics: member of UNSC Vs member of UN

Military: Nuclear weapon, Aircraft carrier, rocket, airspace, Dongfeng-41 intercontinental ballistic missile, 2.3 million army Vs none, none, none, none, none, 0.28 million

Industry: 24 trillion trading Vs 0.45 trillion trading

Sports(Rio Olympics): 26 gold, 70 metals Vs 7 gold, 19 metals

and so on…










Eduarda M.L, Professional Human that works with International Politics

There’s several aspects that defines strength ,economical, cultural, creativity, military, strategy. The truth is Brazil was never truly tested because was never directly attacked (even if USA does a lot or at least tries to interfere). How Brazil would behave under pressure to defend itself might surprise the world in a good or bad way



Jan Michael Dave Susuco Lao, former Legal Intern (2016)

Brazil, I mean theyve won the world cup multiple times. China cant even qualify



Marksuperman He

Brazail can beat China in regard of a football match. Much Stronger than China in this repect.



Dean Dusk

Even the 7 years old boy in China kown that Brazil football is the most strongest on the planet. So many Brazilian football athlete are doing a splendid job in China’s football league.



Paul Denlinger, Have lived in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong; fluent in Mandarin (written, spoken)

Originally Answered: Who is stronger, China or Brazil?

In terms of economic, military, diplomatic power and influence, China.




Luiz Giaconi, Foreing Relations and Politics post graduate

I’m brazilian and China is a whole other level than Brazil. Cannot be compared. China is an elephant, Brazil is a chimpanzee.


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